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Established in 1982, The Drawing Office specializes in residential, industrial, commercial and educational designing. Our personalized service and  years of experience lends focus to detail.


  • Our residential portfolio pays particular attention to innovation and creativity together with practical implementation to create a cost-effective design. 
  • Our industrial projects are custom-designed to the client’s specific requirements. Past experience with underground tank installations, hazardous chemical plants and fire-safety requirements gives our company first-hand knowledge for specific industrial requirements.
  • Our commercial and educational projects are ergonomically designed to allow maximum use of specific areas.

STAGE 1: Appraisal and Definition of the Project

STAGE 2: Conceptual and formal Design

STAGE 3: Design Development

STAGE 4a: Technical Documentation (Full Working Drawings)

STAGE 4b: Submission Drawings

STAGE 4c: Council submission & Approval Process

STAGE 5: Contract administration & Construction – Project Management

STAGE 6: Close Out – Handover of completed project.

A full liaison service with the Local Authority and any required specialists is provided to ensure a speedy turnaround time for the project design. We ensure all our planning designs satisfy the relevant legislation, by conforming to The South African Nation Standard (SANS) 10400 documentation, together with environmental responsibility, energy efficiency and sustainability in accordance to part XA of the SANS 10400 code.

Environmental Responsibilities, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (SA)

In compliance with SANS10400-Part XA regulations, which govern the Energy Consumption of buildings, our architectural service designs the proposed building, and specifies the construction thereof, such that it has an orientation, shading, services and building envelope achieving below the maximum allowable heating load for such building.

Our architectural service perform a series of calculations for every glazed element in the proposed building to determine the values of heat transfer and heat loss/gain through such element. Should the element not meet the allowable value for the element, our architecturalservice changes the element’s dimensions, glazing specification or provides a workable solution utilizing screening devices in order to achieve overall compliance.

Our International Architectural Services provides cyber Outsourcing / Supplementing Resources inclusive of any / part of the 4 stages of working drawing development.

STAGE 1: Appraisal and Definition of the Project

STAGE 2: Conceptual and formal Design

STAGE 3: Design Development

STAGE 4: Technical Documentation (full working drawings)

Our architectural service offers outsourcing services to assist firms with the general reproduction of existing hard copy plans into digital format to ease the time for conceptual designing. This process can assist with converting a 2D digital format into a basic 3D digital model.

Our architectural service offers supplementing resources to assist firms with accurate as built drawings for any construction project. “Redlined” construction drawings and digital photographs from site visits assist in providing the final deliverables fully inclusive of the changes made during construction. Creating plan layouts, site plans, elevations and sections, modifying existing drawings or digitally creating drawings from sketches and PDF’s.

Our architectural service offers Outsourcing / supplementing resources to assist firms with detail design drawings adding value to the team when needed, and allowing the team to concentrate on design development.

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