crown3D Rendering


Ian Whittemore is our CGI specialist for our 3D Rendering services.

In all our years of experience, some people stand out for their great qualities and Ian is one of those people.  He is well known for his ever accommodating personality, his positive work ethic and attitude.  He has outstanding leadership qualities and gets things done right the first time.  He is well respected within our office and meeting deadlines is guaranteed.  Throughout the time we have known him, he has shown us time and again that he is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential.

He assists in our STAGE 1 & 2: Conceptual Design, process with the reproduction of existing plans / buildings into a digital format using Autodesk Revit. He also assists with the confirmation of critical measurements on site.

He proceeds to assist further with the 3D Rendering of our digital models for artistic, photorealistic presentations to our clients, some of which are for developers for marketing purposes.

He demonstrates the ability to work independently or be a team player with great creativity and enthusiasm.  His talent is greatly appreciated and his ability to stay focused and meet deadlines is of great importance. Ian’s performance and attitude is, at all times, satisfactory, and even exceeds our expectations. His dedication to the job at hand is proven with his willingness to learn quickly and source material needed to achieve his end product.

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